Facebook New Update News 2019 BBT

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Facebook New Update News 2019 BBT

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In the United States, social media has introduced rules to verify the general election, if any, to advertise political issues. It has been reported that, if anyone wants to advertise political advertisements, some documents along with identity card will be submitted for verification.

At the same time, all ads will be saved. As if anyone could see it. At the same time, issues related to immigration, health and the environment will also be considered political.

Facebook says there are automated and human monitoring systems to verify the issue. Facebook is trying not to spread anything unwanted.

Richard Allen, vice president of Facebook, said such steps have been taken to focus on the US general election. If you go beyond Facebook's policy, such a fee will be stuck.

If there is a political advertisement on Facebook, even on Twitter and Google, it has a record. Even in videos where political leaders can be seen talking, others will have their voices blocked.

Allen also said that images, videos and articles on Facebook would be evaluated as untrue; Now they will be more clearly identified as false. By no means can the defective material be spread.

He also said that things we cannot be sure will not be allowed to spread in the center of elections. We are sure that we are much more prepared than in the past.

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