How to install MacOs In Any Windows Pc-Best Blogging Tips

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How to install MacOs In Any Windows Pc-Best Blogging Tips

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Today i"ll teaching you How to install MacOs In Any Windows Pc-Best Blogging Tips 

So Let's Get start
At first you need some file written givven bellow
  1. MacOs image file
  2. Display configuration driver [search with your cpu model/grafics model in google]
  3. Windows partitioner
  4. Portable MacOs Installer
  5. Mount efi partition download
  6. Pendrive[16GB+]
  7. Some knowledge 
Let's Install The MacOs-How to install MacOs In Any Windows Pc-Best Blogging Tips 

1.At first install you've download windows partitioner software. After install Open Partition Software And Make A Partition where you want.Click Disk And Click on shrink Disk And Make A partition around 60GB+

2.Now Install MacOs installer.After Install open it.Select Your Pen drive from drive list and click on right button mouse and click on restore with disk image. When you click on restore with disk image then a pop up window will opened and go to here you've downloaded the MacOs image and select it.

3.After Select The MacOs image there will need some time to install the MacOs installer in your pen drive.

4.After complete the process. Install Ufi disk mounter free.when you install it a disk will automatically show in your PC with Ufi named. Open it.Then open Efi folder then open clover folder and past your downloaded grafics configuration for your pc.

5.After complete this task you're ready to install the MacOs on your PC.

6.your bootable pendrive is ready.Now just turn off your PC.

7.Goto your bios>boot menu>and select the bootable pendrive you've just created just while minutes before.

8.Now Apple Logo will come.And just install it how you install the windows on your PC.

9.After installed you've to set just a username and password for your PC.After that you can use MacOs on your PC

So Guys Finally You're Install MacOs on your PC.

You've just done a job How to install MacOs In Any Windows Pc-Best Blogging Tips 

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