How to start a blog and make a career

Hi visitors Myself Hridoy And Today I am come with a intersting topic How to start a blog and make a career.If you want to know about that please read the topic carefully during first to last.

How to start a blog and make a career

If You are a students or if you are a jobless but you want to do something for your career and support your family then this post is only for you.

Today I Am teaching you how to start a career by start a blog and how can you create a blog.So let's go to the topic.

How to start a blog and make a career question 

Why you Should Start Blogging?

1.In that question I can tell you blogging is a best opportunity for start your Internet career because in this platform you don't have to buy any hosting because Google gives it to you full free of cost.

2.The Second Thing Is you have to only buy the domain If you want to earn with blogging because you have to atlist a paid domain when you submit your site to Google Adsense for Earnings.

3.Once you have already buy a paid domain then you are ready to create blog to share your knowledge to others.

How to start a blog and make a career Creation the blog

1.Go To Google And Search "blogger" to search box.

2.Once You got the search result about blogger you need to open the link what's Title with "Blogger Create Your Own Site" or something like this. But if you don't find this then you can skip this step and directly go to Blogger by "www.blogger.com" or click here for go to blogger.

3.Once you go to blogger then you will see "creat your blog'' click here.Now A pop up window will come you have to fill it.
How to start a blog and make a career

In "Title" you have to give title about your website you want to create.Then you have to give a unique blog address in "Blog Address" section And remember it's just a default blogger subdomain address only you can change your blog address as your domain name whenever you want.

4.Now in pop up bottom click on "Create" button to create The site.

5.Once you have click on "create" you have done the job of create your site and blogger dashboard will be opened while a second.

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