Samsung Galaxy One UI Vs Stock Android-Which the best?

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Samsung Galaxy One UI Vs Stock Android-Which the best?

So Samsung recently released its flagship s10 series the regular galaxy has 10 the s10 plus and the S any models but there is another thing that Samsung has done that I just needs equal attention and that the software the one ui because after feeling for like two tanks first with the TouchWiz then with the Samsung experience the companies again in the market with their third skin that the one UI running.

Android pipe and  quite compelling so  obvious that comparisons will be made with the stock Android so that what  going to do in this video so the main selling point of one UI is that trying to fix one big problem with your smartphone and  the smartphone itself I mean all the phones are getting bigger and bigger these days.

So problematic that my teammate has even made a separate video on that topic so what you get on one UI is the new interface where everything has moved towards the bottom of the screen and so  a lot easier for people with small hands to use their gigantic phones with just one hand for example like in the notifications bar I can easily tap on most of the quick action buttons although  still very hard for me to reach the Wi-Fi.

And sound buttons so maybe I can put these options in some place where my finger scan easily reach and also this node line is quite big and my experience would have been better if  use the one UI on a smaller phone still in this case one .

UI is somewhat better than the stock Android pipe where you can easily open the app switcher and the app door but there  many quick action buttons that you can tap while using your phone with just one handalso one big problem on all the big phones is pulling down the notification bar itself and I mean you just  do that yes you can use third-party apps.

You can configure the fingerprint sensor to do the same but I think that just a workaround and not the actual solution because what if your phone does not have a sensor at the back at all like on this s10 plus so Samsung has afix for the problem and you can enable this swipe gesture to pull down the notification bar although here also it only works on the home screen still something is better than nothing.

In the case of the stock Android buy you can enable the accessibility menu in the cell and then you can easily open the quick actions button or the notifications panel but again as I said it is also just a workaround anyway you can see Samsung new design in almost every part of the new software and what something has done is that it has divided the screen into two parts the viewing area where you will see all the content and the interaction area.

Where the company puts all of the controls like here is the Settings app you can see that the names of the features are all blown up and all the terrible part has been moved down you can go to any of the sub menu options and same thing happens there also also something has redesigned many of its system apps so all of the important options are now well within the reach of your fingers like in the clock app and the my files app the contacts and so on thankfully the company has even fixed the crappy camera app and now it feels much better to use so if you compare this thing with stock Android PI.

Google Apps I think that there is a scoffer improvement although in some apps a bunch of options are easily reachable already and here also  a good thing that Google has already moved the search bar to the bottom still you will realize that things  that easy mostly because of the size of the phone so here I guess when you I should get a plus point for the ergonomics and seriously maybe like for the first time I am kind of surprised that  liking the software that Samsung is putting in its phones  making the phone.

AMOLED displays on these Galaxy foods also on the s10 plus it fits very well with this bell-shaped display cutout so I think that  going to be as annoying as the not on other phones still in any case  just the beginning and Samsung needs to work more on their software anyway one UI just about moving everything to the bottom something has also tried its gestures and it turns out that every other gesture navigation is somehow better than the stock Android because in some way the gestures on Android Fire actually defeat the whole point of just navigation I mean you are not getting that extra space on your screen.

For which  there in the first place now one your eyes gestures might not be the best but still you are getting that extra space on your screen and also you can tweak the gestures according to your needs now one of the things born from almost every app and operating system that I use is the dark mode so on Samsungs one UI it is called the night mode and  absolutely not anything like the fake dark mode that we see on the stock Android .

UI is still white even when you enable the dark mode but on the one you I the dark mode is dark system-wide and actually  a black mood and that because of the OLED displays on the Samsung flagships your phone can turn off individual pixels that are not fueling any UI element for any feature and so you get this pitch black screen on your device that you are not getting on stock Android 5 this thing seems more battery and it looks more visually appealing.

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