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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Top 10 Best AMP template for blooger free-Download now

Hi visitors Myself Hridoy And Today I am come with a intersting topic.if you want to know about that please read the topic carefully during first to last.
Top 10 Best AMP template for blooger free-Download now

Before I jump to the topic make sure you already check or read our these article listed below. If you don't read it then hope you atlist check these article for once.

Today i am going to show you Top 10 Best AMP template for blooger free

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AMP means :Accelerated Mobile Pages.In this template your website can load page very fast.In a simple word its first format for a website.

Top 10 Best AMP template for blooger free are given bellow

1.Seo amp Blogger Template


  2. Responsive
  3. Seo Friendly
  4. Personal Blog
  5. Menu
  6. Search Box
  7. Comment Disqus
  8. Social Share
  9. Amp Blogger Blogger Template
  10. More…

2. Vletters AMP Blogger Template


  1. Responsive True
  2. Google Testing Tool Validator True
  3. SEO Friendly
  4. Menu Navigation
  5. Valid
  6. Breadcrumbs
  7. Related Posts
  8. Search Box
  9. Social Share Button
  10. Shortcodes
  11. Disqus Comments
  12. Amp Blogger Blogger Template

3.Amp News Blogger Template


  1. The limited number of post homepages is now fixed
  2. Displays post thumbnails on mobile pages
  3. Displays the tag on the first post of the homepage
  4. Line hight fixes on the mobile snippet
  5. Repair Yellow icon in AMP tag
  6. Improvements to post meta
  7. Improvements to the social share button
  8. Amp Blogger Blogger Template

4. Infinite AMP [Google accelerated mobile]


  1. Responsive
  2. Google Testing Tool Validator
  3. Mobile Friendly
  4. Disqus Comments
  5. Breadcrumbs
  6. SEO Friendly
  7. Dynamic Heading
  8. Social Share Button
  9. Valid
  10. High CTR
  11. Menu Navigation
  12. 2 Column
  13. Shortcodes
  14. Footer Menu
  15. Related Posts
  16. Search Box
  17. Subscription device

5. Responsive GooPlus Amp Blogger Templates


  1. Valid AMP HTML
  2. Responsive
  3. Seo friendly
  4. Top icon navigate
  5. Amp Blogger Blogger Template
  6. Menu Left
  7. 3 Column
  8. Social share
  9. more

6. Infinite JLB AMP Free Template


  1. Canonical address for AMP version
  2. AMP hypertext mark-up language validation: pass 100%
  3. Full Responsive
  4. Facebook Comment / Disqus Comment
  5. FlatUI combination
  6. Amp Blogger Blogger Template
  7. SEO Friendly
  8. Super fast!
  9. Valid (blog posting)
  10. Dynamic Heading
  11. High CTR
  12. Subscribe and Author Box
  13. Social Share
  14. Table of Content
  15. No Javascript
  16. Related Post
  17. Top Banner Ad
  18. one signal Push Notification

7. Noname AMP Responsive Free Template


  1. Build With Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) hypertext markup language
  2. AMP prepared All Pages
  3. Mobile Friendly – check
  4. Fully Responsive style – check
  5. Validated Structured information – check
  6. SEO prepared – check
  7. Homepage Custom Post with Grid and List
  8. Slot Ads prepared
  9. For Adsense
  10. High CTR
  11. Responsive Ad Slot
  12. Build with HTML5
  13. Amp Blogger Blogger Template
  14. Build with CSS3
  15. Support SSL/HTTPS
  16. Fast loading
  17. Advance program optimization
  18. AMP Social Share Button
  19. Auto size fingernail image
  20. Disqus Comment prepared
  21. Custom fashionable Post gizmo with a fingernail
  22. Search Column Responsive valid AMP
  23. Valid
  24. Related Posts (HTTPS Only)
  25. Sidebar Right
  26. Breadcrumbs SEO
  27. Dynamic Heading
  28. Custom Error 404 Page
  29. Compatible with major browsers (IE8+,Mozilla,Chrome,Safari)

8. AMP Breaking News Free Blogger Template


  1. Structured data
  2. Amp HTML 100%
  3. AMP sidebar
  4. AdSense
  5. Material Design
  6. Responsive design
  7. Gadget breaking news
  8. Box search
  9. Gadget Subscribe
  10. Buttons Addthis
  11. Disqus Comments
  12. Random post
  13. Slideshow
  14. Popular post
  15. Responsive menu
  16. Amp Blogger Blogger Template
  17. Widget label
  18. Post card
  19. SEO

9. Maknyus AMP SEO Blogger Template


  1. Two column
  2. SEO Friendly
  3. Responsive
  4. Mobile Friendly
  5. Fast Loading
  6. Clean Layout
  7. Simple Design
  8. Social Sharing
  9. AMP Blogger Blogger Blogger Template
  10. Browser Compatibility

10. Blanterde AMP Free Blogger Template


  1. Ultrafast loading
  2. Mobile sidebar
  3. Menu navigation
  4. Disqus comments
  5. AMP search box
  6. ads ready
  7. right sidebar
  8. two column design
  9. top navigation bar
  10. white color
  11. Amp Blogger Template
  12. AMP share button
  13. AMP youtube
  14. AMP iframe
  15. amp slider image
  16. Related post with thumbnail

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